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24 Hour Pest Control NYC Rodent Removal Experts in Prospect Heights, NY2021-07-28T11:55:46-04:00

24 Hour Pest Control NYC Rodent Removal Experts in Prospect Heights, NY

It is not enough to trap the rats, mice and other rodents living on your property. Though this might temporarily remove the immediate problem if its a single rat or mouse. However, it does not address how rats, mice and other rodents got into your home. 24 Hour Pest Control handles residential and commercial properties in Prospect Heights, NY. For available rat and mouse control appointments call us at 1-800-456-8400

When looking for signs of mice or rats in your home look for rat or mouse dropping, rodents leave droppings that tend to have pointed ends and measure 4 to 7 mm long. This is a clear indication of a rat or mouse on your property. By determining where rodent hot spots are inside your home – primarily their nests and feeding areas, we can focus our search on nearby holes that provide easy access from the outdoors to the hotspots.

If you are positive you have a mouse or rat problem in your home it’s best to leave it to us, 24 Hour Pest Control. You might think that getting rid of rodents is as simple as putting out a trap or rat poison, but it is a little more complicated than that. It really depends on the infestation size as well as where they nested.

Our staff can help assist you in finding the entrance points, remove the rats, mice and other rodents from your property, and help prevent future infestations. Consider hiring professional rodent control experts before the infestation gets out of hand. Our rodent removal experts are trained to handle any type of rat or mouse infestation. 24 Hour Pest Control has staff across the 5 boroughs, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and Long Island City. Call us today 1-800-456-8400 to ask for the next available appointment.

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