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24 Hour Pest Control NYC Rodent Removal in Melrose, NY2021-08-25T17:30:34-04:00

24 Hour Pest Control NYC Rodent Removal in Melrose, NY

Mice, rats and other types of rodents are a pest that must be removed from the home before it can bring unwanted damage to your home. They can introduce parasites and transmit diseases that can be potentially serious. 24 Hour Pest Control has expert staff standing by in Melrose, NY to help you with your rat or mouse issues. Call us today for available appointments 1-800-456-8400.

There are several signs you can look for when trying to find out if you have rats, mice and other rodents in your home. You can look for areas with cooler or warmer air (depending on the season) that can indicate that there is a hole nearby. If we enter a space and turn off the lights, we can often find rat or mouse opening by looking for outdoor light that shines through the holes. 24 Hour Pest Control has trained staff waiting to handle any types of mouse and rat issues. We cover all major NYC areas like Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Long Island City. Call us today at 1-800-456-8400 for a free property quote.

Rodents like mice or rats are known to be very smart, adaptable, and love to hide out in places you would have never thought they could fit. The problem is they can cause serious damage to your home and even start fires. Let our team of experienced professionals take care of your problem and to ensure that your home stays rat or mouse free all year long. We can help remove and prevent rats, mice and other rodents on your property in Melrose, NY.

There are numerous options available to you right now depending on the size of the infestation. Contact us today at 1-800-456-8400 if you’ve discovered rats, mice and other rodents in your home or business and we’ll help to remove them quickly and cost effectively.

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