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247 Pest Control NYC Dust Mite Control Services in Astora, NY2021-04-24T14:01:21-04:00

247 Pest Control NYC Dust Mite Control Services in Astora, NY

If you are experiencing allergic reactions in your home and it is not allergy season, you likely have dust mites living in your home. Dust mites are tiny little insects that do not bite or feed on humans but can give humans allergic reactions. Contact 24-Hour Pest Control NYC today to get a full house inspection for dust mites. Call us today 1-800-456-8400 to book an appointment with our dust mite removal specialists.

Dust mites can be found gathering in areas such as furniture, carpets, drapes, bedding, blinds, and more areas. It is hard to see dust mites because they are so tiny, but wherever there is dust there could be dust mites. If you begin to observe any of these signs inside your home postnasal drip, coughing, facial pressure or swollen face from allergic reactions, you might have dust mites.

Make sure to wipe and remove dust from dust collector objects such as stuffed toys on shelves, wall hangings, bookshelves, picture frames, and more. By removing the dust you are removing the food sources for the dust mites, which reduces the chances of new dust mites gathering in that area.

Have off-season allergies? Then this is your sign to call 24-Hour Pest Control NYC at 1-800-456-8400. Let our team of professionals remove those pesky dust mites once and for all! 24-Hour Pest Control NYC staff is trained to handle all types of properties, commercial, residential and sometimes industrial. Call us today for more information on what types of properties we services in Astora, NY. We have pest control experts across the five boroughs.

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