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247 Pest Control NYC Pest Control For Dust Mites in Upper West Side, NY2021-11-11T15:01:40-05:00

247 Pest Control NYC Pest Control For Dust Mites in Upper West Side, NY

Dust mites like to hide deep in carpet fabrics, furniture, drapes, and more. This includes high traffic areas like the living room or bedroom. Dust mites are so tiny that the human eye cannot see them but, our bodies can give us hints if we get allergies off-season. Call us today 1-800-456-8400 to schedule a dust mites cleaning for your home in NYC. 24-Hour Pest Control NYC staff handles both commercial and residential properties.

Dust mites like to nest in humid environments and areas such as wool throw blankets, couch pillows, fabric couches, and also areas such as ceiling fans, window fans, and more. Dust mites feed on dead human skin that could be found in dust areas as mentioned, female mites may lay 1 – 4 eggs per day. To get a thorough cleaning inspection of your home, call dust-mite removal experts like 24-Hour Pest Control NYC.

Vacuuming at least twice a week can help keep dust mites away from your home. Be sure to vacuum the carpets and rugs in common foot traffic areas. A vacuum with a HEPA filter should be used on drapes and furniture to help remove dust mites.

For a thorough dust mite inspection in Upper West Side, NY call 24-Hour Pest Control NYC 1-800-456-8400. If you are experiencing any allergies such as asthmatic allergies, difficulty breathing, chest pain or tightness, you might have dust mites. 24-Hour Pest Control NYC can help you remove dust mites from your home.

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