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247 Pest Control NYC Ticks & Mosquitoes Pest Control in Todt Hill, NY2021-02-27T05:13:09-05:00

247 Pest Control NYC Ticks & Mosquitoes Pest Control in Todt Hill, NY

Mosquito and Ticks are notorious insects that contribute to the spread of zika virus and lyme disease. Both pests feed on human and animal blood for nutrition, this allows them to easily transmit numerous diseases. Avoid mosquito season by getting your yard sprayed for mosquitos and ticks. 24-Hour Pest Control NYC can help you get rid of ticks and mosquitoes in your yard or around your home, call today 1-800-456-8400.

Mosquito season begins when the temperatures steadily raise 50 F and above. The females begin to lay 100-300 eggs and it takes 2 weeks from larvae to a full adult mosquito. Mosquitoes like to breed in any type of still water that can be found in still water that can be found after a rain shower in your backyard, unkempt bird baths, old cups, uncut grass. You can take steps to prevent mosquito repopulation in your yard by getting rid of still water and any debris that can contain water left over from the rain.

You can find ticks in any wooded area with a large food supply such as camping grounds, playgrounds that are near the woods, and even your backyard. Ticks like to nest on tall grass areas, fallen leaves, old furniture that’s outside all year round. Female ticks can lay their eggs anywhere and up to hundreds at once. Knowing that ticks carry dangerous diseases it is best to take a preventive measure such as clear out any garage or old things in the yard this can attract rodents that can bring in ticks, cut your grass more often to prevent egg laying, put up barriers to keep out wild animals that ticks feed on.

24-Hour Pest Control NYC is licensed and experienced in handling any type of ticks or mosquito infestation on your property in Todt Hill, NY. Call us today 1-800-456-8400 for appointments & available exterminators in Todt Hill, NY.

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