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Spider Prevention Tips in NYC

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Spider Prevention Tips in NYC
Whether you are someone who cannot bear sharing your space with a spider or only get a little startled when one crawls across your floor, it is still important to keep spiders out of your home. They are a pest, and some can be venomous, like the yellow sac spider, or cause a painful bite, like the wolf spider.

This makes it important to prevent spiders. This way, you can stop spiders before they get into your phone to reduce the chance that you ever come across them or worse, have to deal with a spider infestation.

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home
Spiders do not come inside homes to escape the cold, but rather because they have often sensed bugs inside that can serve as their food. The best way to prevent spiders making this transition into your home is both to prevent their numbers outside and reduce their potential food sources inside with these steps:

  • Maintain Your Yard – You should mow your lawn regularly and trim any trees or shrubs that become overgrown. This plant life is a hiding space for spiders and encourages them to take refuge in your yard.
  • Declutter Your Space – Clean up the clutter in your yard and around the exterior of your home. This can include trash, old boxes, and yard debris like grass clippings or fallen leaves, as all this clutter also provides a shelter for spiders to hide.
  • Keep Plants and Wood Away from Your Home – Avoid planting any shrubs where they could touch your home. Likewise, do not store firewood against the wall of your house. In both of these situations, the direct contact with your home acts like a ladder for spiders and provides a spot to hide.
  • Seal Any Holes – Perform an inspection around your house to look for holes in foundations, siding, and other areas that spiders can squeeze through. Also check your window screens and doors.
  • Remove Food Sources – The main reason that spiders come into homes is chasing prey in the form of other bugs. If you have noticed pests around your home, scheduling pest control to eradicate will reduce your home’s appeal to spiders.

These preventative methods will often be ineffective when spiders are already inside. If you are already dealing with more spiders than you are comfortable with in your home, the best option is to contact 24 Hour Pest Control in NYC.

Our team can get to the source of the problem, including what pests are bringing spiders in and how they are coming into your home. We can then use advanced treatments that interrupt the spider life cycle to get rid of spiders in NYC. Schedule a spider treatment with our team today.

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