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Our NYC professional exterminators operate in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Long Island City. Give us a call today to make an appointment with 24 Hour Pest Control NYC.

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Struggling with pests in your home?

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    Termite Inspections and Termite Treatment in NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and More

    Termites are found throughout NYC. Every year, termites cause property damage quietly and continuously, making them one of the more significant risks to your property. And once they have established a colony around your home, only targeted and professional treatments can get rid of

    24 Hour Pest Control is an NYC termite control company that responds to the threat of termites at your property quickly. We use careful, detailed inspections to find termites on your property and state of the art solutions to exterminate them. If termites have infested your home or property, or you
    suspect you could have termites, call us immediately at (646) 568-7150.

    Signs that You Have a Termite Problem
    One of the reasons that termites regularly cost property owners so much money is that they are able to live at a property undetected for years. Because their primary habitat is underground or tunneling into wood, the insects themselves are rarely externally visible. Even when they move between their nest and their food source, they travel under the protection of tunnels constructed out of mud.

    Finding the actual insects often requires advanced knowledge of termites and special equipment. Instead, it is often easier for homeowners to locate signs of termites first, including:

    • Swarming Insects – Termites will swarm for up to 24 hours. If you see them hovering near your property, a professional termite inspection can confirm if they started a nest.
    • Discarded Wings – After termite swarmers settle, they shed their wings. A collection of small wings in your yard may mean termites are living nearby.
    • Mud Tubes – One of the clearest signs of subterranean termites, termites build these mud tunnels on the ground and along a foundation.
    • Knocking Noises – Termite workers, if they sense a threat, will bang their heads against the walls of the home to scare away the threat. If you bump an area that has termites and then hear these strange knocking noises, it may be termites.

    As the damage becomes more advanced, it will begin to become outwardly apparent. You may notice peeling wallpaper or stained paint or warped floors. Walls may also start to sound hollow when you knock on them due to the tunnels in the wood behind them.

    All of these signs are indicative of extensive damage and will likely require expensive repairs to fix. While it is possible for us to eliminate termites at any stage of the infestation, catching an infestation in the early stages through the more subtle signs can save you money and stress.

    Our Services for Termite Control
    The keys to preventing termite damage in New York is to find termites early and get rid of them fast. We offer a range of termite control services at 24 Hour Pest Control to minimize the impact an infestation can have on your property. We offer:

    • Termite Inspections
    • Termite Extermination
    • Termite Monitoring
    • Termite Prevention

    We also provide Wood Destroying Insect Reports (WDIR) when necessary, such as when buying or refinancing a home. This report outlines current pest activity on the property that can cause damage to wood and any signs of past damage that may impact the structure’s integrity, and therefore the value of
    the home.

    Comprehensive Termite Treatments for Fast Elimination
    We have several solutions for termite extermination and the training to deploy them so they work as fast as possible. These proven solutions address the worker termites actively causing damage and the root of the problem right at the colony. We can combine them to provide effective control for a termite infestation of any size. Our methods include, but are not limited to:

    • Liquid Termite Treatments
    • Termite Baits
    • Termite Foams

    If the termite infestation is severe, we may need to look at other types of termite treatments, such as fumigation. We do whatever we can to avoid these more extreme treatments and choose only the most conservative approach to save you time and money.

    Why Call 24 Hour Pest Control When You Notice Termites 
    24 Hour Pest Control is a licensed termite control company in NYC with a reputation for dependable and professional service. We provide termite control with a customized approach, adapting our inspection and treatment plans to your property to get rid of termites with the best possible service.

    You can turn to us for termite control that is:

    • Fast – Every minute counts when it comes to termites. With 24 hour service and rapid
      treatments, we limit the time termites are allowed to continue eating away at your home from
      the moment you call us.
    • Affordable – Our prices are the most competitive in NYC for termite control that fits into your
      budget but never sacrifices on quality.
    • Effective – Termite control that does not exterminate the entire colony leaves your property at
      risk. We have a variety of science-backed treatments available to effectively remove even the
      most aggressive infestations.

    We provide termite control and termite inspections in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and beyond, and work with all property types including residential, multifamily, and commercial properties.

    Types of Termites in New York
    Almost all of the termite infestations in NYC are caused by subterranean termites – specifically the “Eastern Subterranean Termite.”

    Unlike some other termite species, subterranean termites live underground and build their nests in soil rather than in the wood they eat. They are more likely to go somewhere that the soil is damp to provide the termites with a water source. For properties in NYC, some common moisture sources are poor drainage, a leaking pipe or a damaged hose faucet.

    However, termites can travel, and do not need that much moisture in order to thrive, so they are impossible to prevent completely even if you control moisture in your area. Wherever they choose to next, they build mud tunnels in order to stay underground and protected from predators, and then travel through those mud tunnels to your property to feed on the wood.

    An eastern subterranean termite colony begins with only a few termites, called swarmers. These winged termites migrate from existing colonies to establish new ones between April and June. Once they find an ideal area, they will begin to breed worker termites. These worker termites spread throughout a food source by chewing tunnels that weaken wood internally.

    The termite colony grows slowly but consistently. The average time to maturation is 5 to 10 years at which point the colony can contain more than 100,000 insects. Damage begins right away, and becomes worse the more the colony grows. By the time the colony is halfway grown, termites can consume
    approximately 10 lbs of wood every 6 months.

    If a termite colony grows large enough and has a sustainable food source, it may break off into satellite colonies with additional nests nearby. This compounds the effect of the damage as termites can start eating in multiple locations.

    Termites eat all day and all night, and their damage is not limited to a single area – it is spread throughout any and all wood found in your home. The longer they’re able to feed, the more permanent, untreatable, and expensive the damage will be.

    Get Rid of Termites Fast – Contact Us Today
    When you find termites in your walls, or suspect you could have termites, you want to act fast. 24 Hour Pest Control is ready to respond 24 hours a day with experienced pest professionals and the leading termite treatments. Call us anytime at (646) 568-7150 to schedule a visit from an exterminator.

    Give us a call today to make an appointment with 24/7 Pest Control NYC.

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