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Cold Weather Rodent Control Solutions

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Cold Weather Rodent Control Solutions

NYC has a very active population of mice and rats. Throughout the summer and fall, these rodents are generally able to survive outdoors where they have plenty of food and various shelters around the city. But as temperatures begin to drop later in the fall, rodents will start looking elsewhere for shelter.

It is at this time that mice and rats will start to build their nests in homes and businesses around NYC. Taking cautionary steps now against rodents is the best way to ensure that they stay outside throughout the winter.

How to Keep Out Rodents in the Winter

Homes and businesses can be an ideal spot for mice and rats since they provide lots of warm spaces. With the increased chance of a rodent infestation at this time of year, it becomes extremely important to practice exclusion measures that will help to keep mice and rats out. The best solutions during the fall are to:

  • Find Holes – Gaps around doors, cracks in the foundation, and holes around pipes are potential entry points for rodents. Some mice can get through a hole the size of the quarter, so you want to patch up any holes you can see, even if they are tiny.
  • Remove Clutter – Rodents do not like to be out in the open. Clutter offers them hiding spaces, but removing this clutter now will make rodents less likely to settle in if they come into your home.
  • Keep Clean – In addition to shelter, rodents will also need food. Their main source of food will most likely be your pantry and any crumbs left around your home. Be especially vigilant in the coming months about proper food storage, cleaning dishes quickly, wiping down surfaces, and cleaning spaces where you eat.

Some of these steps can be more difficult, such as finding all of the holes where rodents are getting in. For this part of the rodent exclusion process, having an expert to help can make the task easier and reduce the risk of missing any locations where rodents could get in.

At 24 Hour Pest Control, our rodent exclusion in NYC is a great way to prepare your home or business for the colder months. We can manage any existing rodent problems and lead a thorough inspection for where rodents could possibly enter your home in order to close off those spaces. For long lasting rodent prevention, learn more about our services for mice and rats at 24 Hour Pest Control today.

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