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How Professionals Deal with a Moth Infestation

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How Professionals Deal with a Moth Infestation

Having moths in your home is a frustrating problem. Clothes moths can create large holes in your clothing and carpet moths do the same in clothing. Pantry moths get into stored food, leaving it contaminated and unfit for consumption.

There are a few factors that make these pests particularly difficult to treat without professional assistance. Many of the moths that cause damage are small at about ¼” in length or less, so they can be hard to spot. However, it is not moths that do the bulk of the damage, but their caterpillars which are even smaller and more difficult to see.

Professional Moth Removal Process

Moths lay their eggs in closets, dressers, and carpets, or directly into food items. When the eggs hatch, the caterpillars use the natural fibers in clothes and carpets and the food in your pantry as sustenance while they grow.

Moth eggs and larvae are almost impossible to see unless you are specifically looking for them. Even once you find them, getting rid of dozens of moths and their larvae in your pantry or elsewhere in your home is challenging.

The experience offered by professional pest control makes it possible to identify and remove moth infestations effectively. Effective moth treatment requires determining which species of moth is present and where they are in your home. Different moth species require their own treatments and knowing which species is present will help guide treatment.

The professional process for eliminating moth infestations includes:

  • Inspection – An inspection will determine which moths you have as well as the extent of the population by looking for signs like silk webs, droppings, odors, and secretions.
  • Place Traps – Options like glue traps can also help identify how large a moth infestation is and their spread.
  • Treatment – Based on the result of the inspection, a professional will advise you on the best course of treatment. Eco-friendly moth treatments can remove moths at their various life stages from different areas in your home
  • Cleaning Solutions – Moths are often in areas that cannot be safely treated with chemical-based treatment such as inside your food, on your carpets, or on your clothes. For this reason, we may offer suggestions for cleaning and prevention steps you can take to reduce moths and their spread.

Without professional solutions, moth problems can often go on indefinitely and moths may continue causing damage to clothing and infesting your food. Professional moth control from 24 Hour Pest Control can quickly get to the root of the problem to exterminate moths and help you keep them from coming back. Learn more about our moth control services when you contact us.

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