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Types of Bees in New York

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Types of Bees in New York

With warm weather anticipated in the next few weeks, we can expect to see bees building hives around New York. Queen bees will begin breeding worker bees that fulfill the important purpose of pollinating flowers and trees around New York City throughout the spring and summer.

Although bees are key to the environment, there are many species of bees that you do not want too close to your home. Certain species can be more aggressive and put your family at risk, particularly if someone has a bee allergy. Other bees can do property damage by building their nest inside your home.

These are the types of bees we expect to see in New York this season and which ones you need to be most concerned about.

NYC Bee Types

There are about 400 different types of bees in New York. Most of these bees stay away from people, so you are unlikely to see them around. But there are a few species that commonly set up their hives near homes, or even inside homes. These species include:

  • Honey Bees – Honey bees have golden and black stripes on their thorax and a longer body that makes them easy to distinguish from other bees. Worker honey bees are top pollinators who spend the majority of their time collecting pollen, making honey, and performing other jobs around the hive, making these bees too busy to be aggressive. They will only sting in self-defense if you get near their nest or try to swat one. Honey bees also die after they sting, further dissuading the bees from stinging aggressively.
  • Bumblebees – These are fatter bees that have an almost fuzzy appearance. They are avid pollinators and actually spend more of their time out than other bees, searching for pollen in flowers, trees, and berries. They are focused on pollination but will sting defense. When a bumblebee stings, it will not die and is able to sting again. However, they are not considered aggressive, and unlikely to sting.
  • Mason Bees – Mason bees are dark golden black in color and are the best pollinators in NYC, especially as backyard bees. Only the females have stingers and they tend only to sting if they are squeezed or handled roughly, making them one of the least risky bees to have around your home. However, you still do not want them inside your property or too near for those who have allergies to stinging insects.
  • Carpenter Bees – Carpenter bees are larger and all black. They get their name from their habit of boring into old wood and building their hives inside. Carpenter bees are most likely to live in dead trees, old outbuildings, and rotting wood around your home. They are not likely to sting, but the wood damage they can do makes them a significant problem.

As you notice from the bee types here, most species in New York are generally harmless. They prefer to focus on pollination and leave people alone. Bees are also beneficial, so in some cases, it is better not to disturb bees or hurt the nest.

It is when bees are too close to your home, or even inside of it, that they become a significant risk due to the increased chance that you, your children, or your pets could be stung.

For this reason, you should always call professional bee control in NYC if you notice a hive anywhere around your home or yard. 24 Hour Pest Control can determine the type of stinging insect species and whether it is necessary to remove the hive. Contact 24/7 Pest Control if you notice these bees at your home.

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