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Unusual Bed Bug Hiding Places

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Unusual Bed Bug Hiding Places
Beds and bedrooms are the most common places to spot bed bugs. They provide plenty of places for bugs to hide during the day within the sheets, the crevices of mattresses, and behind the headboard, and offer a reliable food source at night when you are consistently sleeping in your bedroom. But beds are far from the only place that you will find bed bugs.

Bed bugs are a hitchhiking pest species that is also well traveled. They rely on a number of unique hiding places, not only in the areas where they are currently infesting, but also as a means to travel from property to property.

Where You Might Find Bed Bugs
Beyond the hotel rooms and bedrooms bed bugs are often associated with, some of the other locations and objects that can host bed bugs include:

  • Purses – People who carry a purse tend to take it everywhere with them. That includes different locations that may have bed bugs. A bug could get inside your purse or hide along any of the folds or stitching, then travel with you back to your home.
  • Used Furniture – Used furniture is a common cause of new infestations. Never take home free furniture on the street and use caution when buying used furniture.
  • Stuffed Animals – If your kid has a stuffed animal that has to go everywhere with them, check it regularly for any bed bugs. Running a stuffed animal through the wash with hot water is another good way to get rid of any clinging pests.
  • Buses – From city buses to school buses, as well as other public transit, these are a great place for bed bugs. Much like hotels, many people are going through buses and bringing personal items with them. Bed bugs can easily hide between seats, in carpet, and in vents. Be cautious about what you bring on public transit and check your bags and clothing.
  • Electrical Sockets – The opening of an electrical socket provides plenty of space for a bed bug to squeeze in and a nice dark and sheltered environment inside. Screw Heads – When getting rid of bed bugs, exterminators have even found them squeezed into the crevice on the top of a screw.

With all of the interesting places that bed bugs can hide inside a home or business, and their propensity for moving around easily, It is important to have the right methods when getting rid of bed bugs. 24 Hour Pest Control provides bed bug extermination in NYC. We have experience dealing with bed bugs and know all of the places they may hide. Get in touch with our team at the first sign of bed bugs.

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