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How Bed Bugs Can Put Your Pets at Risk

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How Bed Bugs Can Put Your Pets at Risk

Most dog and cat owners are well aware of the risks biting pets pose to their furry friends. Fleas, ticks and even mosquitoes can be anything from an irritation to a health risk when they start biting your pet.

Bedbugs can also cause problems. The good news is that bed bugs prefer to go after humans rather than pets. But they will bite any mammal to get the blood they need to sustain them. Here’s how to keep your pets safe from bed bugs.

Bed Bug Bites on Pets

Bed bugs are often brought into your home on clothing, luggage, boxes, or used furniture and can quickly spread throughout the property as their numbers grow. At night, they will begin biting and consuming blood.

Humans are the preferred target, but bed bugs will also bite dogs and cats if they come across them. Bed bugs also do not live directly on the animal like fleas would. Instead, they are more likely to live in your cat or dog’s bed, chew toys, and carpets, and crawl on to your dog or cat while they sleep.

A bed bug bite on your dog or cat is often very similar to a human. It is rarely harmful unless the animal has a specific allergy, but will result in red bumps, swelling, and itchiness. If you do notice any unusual behavior like lethargy or other health problems, it is important to contact your vet as soon as possible

As long as the bed bug infestation is present, your dog or cat is susceptible to continued bites and discomfort.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs that Are Biting Your Pets

The best way to prevent bed bug bites on your dog or cat is to keep bed bugs out of your home altogether. This is also important because while bed bugs are biting your pets, they are most likely also biting you even if you have not noticed.

Professional bed bug control is the number one way to remove bed bugs from a home .When you work with 24 Hour Pest Control NYC for bed bug control, we will be sure to treat the areas where your pets spend time if you have noticed they are receiving bedbug bites. We can also help you assess if there are other harmful biting pests involved, such as fleas or ticks that may be causing your pets injuries.

If you want to give your dog or cat some immediate relief from bed bugs, you can do the following:

  • Launder pet bedding with hot water.
  • Dry items on high heat.
  • Throw out and replace any damaged items that cannot be washed.

It is important to know that these actions will not remove a bed bug infestation from your home entirely, but they can help keep numbers down and prevent bites as you take additional action with the help of a professional bed bug control company in New York City. Call us today if you or your furry friends have been experiencing bed bug bites.

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