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Do Bed Bugs Hibernate?

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Do Bed Bugs Hibernate?
Many insects are evolved to thrive in warm weather only. During winter months, depending on the type of bug, insects may either die off or overwinter in a hibernation state where their activity slows considerably. This can often mean a welcome respite from pests in the winter, but does it apply to bed bugs as well?

Bed bugs are already somewhat different from other pests in that they predominantly hitchhike to get into new homes and commercial properties. Many homeowners wonder if there are certain seasons where bed bugs will be less likely to invade.

How Bed Bug Activity Changes Year Round
Like many insects, the metabolic activity of bed bugs slows considerably when temperatures drop, bed bugs enter a state called “diapause” when temperatures are 60 degrees or less. In this state, bed bugs can go many months without feeding and will resume activity when temperatures increase and food becomes available again. Bed bugs will also be less mobile during this time.

The Warmth of the Home Means a Longer, Ongoing Bed Bug Season
Unfortunately, the potential for bed bugs entering diapause does not correspond with significantly decreased bed bug infestation rates in the winter.

That is because bed bugs are drawn to places where people are living, or at least regularly present, and many of these places are temperature controlled to keep them consistently at a more comfortable temperature well above 60 degrees.

For bed bugs in homes and businesses, this means that they are likely to be just as active in terms of biting and movement throughout the property in the winter as they were in the summer. It’s one of the reasons that bed bugs can spread so easily – their breeding season is all throughout the year, and they are able to continue to grow and spread even in the coldest of months.

As a result, it pays to be aware of any signs of bed bugs at all times of the year at homes and businesses in NYC. Since bed bugs could theoretically be brought in at any time, if you have noticed bites on your arms, legs, and torso, seen bugs or discarded skins on your sheets or mattress, or are starting to notice a musty smell in your home, it may be a bed bug infestation. Contact 24 Hour Pest Control for an in depth inspection and effective bed bug treatments if we find bugs on your property.

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