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Pros and Cons to Using Spiders as Natural Pest Control

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Pros and Cons to Using Spiders as Natural Pest Control

One single spider in NYC can eat more than 2,000 insects in a year. And while almost no spiders in New York are poisonous to humans (the sac spider is the only exception), many of the insects they feed on are harmful. Local spiders eat mosquitoes, roaches, and disease-carrying flies.

This makes spiders like a free, eco-friendly pest control solution. If you are comfortable with spiders, it may even be a good reason to leave the next house spider you find in the corner of your garage alive. But before you cancel your upcoming pest control visit, there are some pros and cons to consider for spiders in your home.

When to Call a Spider Control Company in NYC
Almost every home in NYC will have a non-poisonous spider or two throughout the course of the year, which is not a cause for concern. If you want, you can leave the spiders alone so they can help keep other bug populations under control. In addition to practicing cleanliness and standard pest control, this can reduce your family’s contact with any pests that cause disease.

Spiders are also territorial, and stronger spiders will often fight weaker ones. As long as the bugs available to eat around your home remain limited, a spider population can often keep itself under control naturally.

Of course, you can also squish the spiders or take them outside, but there’s no harm with letting a spider or two roam your property.

But if you begin to see many spiders around your home, the risks can quickly outweigh the benefits of using spiders as pest control:

  • Other Pest Problems – A multitude of spiders only occurs when there are many bugs to keep them fed. Spiders themselves might not be a problem, but the pest infestation that attracts them could be.
  • Spiders Bite – Although only the yellow sac spider is poisonous, all spiders in NYC can bite and leave a sore that remains irritated for a few days.
  • Unsightly Cobwebs – The webs spiders create can trap dust as well as bugs to create a mess on your walls, ceilings, and eaves.

The best way to determine if the spiders at your home are suitable for natural pest control or a pest themselves is to call 24 Hour Pest Control in NYC. Our pest professionals can examine spiders and other insects around your property to find out what issues may need to be addressed, and then implement the correct spider control. Reach out to us to find out more about pest control for spiders.


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