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This Wet Winter is Likely to Bring Big Termite Problems

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This Wet Winter is Likely to Bring Big Termite Problems

NYC is experiencing a somewhat wetter than average winter, but meteorologists are expecting an early spring with temperatures starting to warm possibly a few weeks sooner than normal. While this probably sounds good to local residents, this combination of moisture and early heat means that we are likely to see significant issues with termites this spring.

Termites will begin swarming around April to find new places to build nests and new structures to eat. Those who are already inside homes and buildings will also resume their breeding and eating as the weather warms. Here are some of the ways we can expect termite damage to be more expensive after a wet winter.

How Does Snow and Rain Lead to Termite Damage?

New York is home to Eastern subterranean termites, which is a species of termites that thrives in warm and damp conditions. They need a significant amount of moisture to survive and rely on the soil where they build their nests to remain relatively damp all year long.

They also need temperatures at least above freezing to be active. Otherwise they will enter their overwintering hibernation state. As soon as temperatures reach this level, it signals to termites to begin breeding, eating, and swarming to find new homes.

Excess moisture from melting winter snows and spring rains compound this problem by:

  • Indicating It is Time to Swarm – Damp soil tells termites that they can start swarming to find new homes. This sends winged swarmers in search of potential properties that have a have wood for food.
  • Soft Soil – Termites can get further underground or travel laterally for a longer distance in soil that is moist from water, causing them to be further away from any potential treatments.
  • Softer Wood – Moisture in the air softens wood, meaning termites can chew through it faster. Coupled with rising temperatures, termites can do more damage in a shorter amount of time. They will also get further into your home, making damage harder to spot and more costly to repair.

This year’s weather likely means that we will see early swarms of early swarms of termites and a greater than average number of new infestations. In addition, the extra moisture will make NYC properties more habitable for termites, potentially causing an increase in damage.

Because spotting termite damage is often difficult, the best way to limit termite problems and the cost of repairing damage is to get help with termites early on. If you notice termite swarmers around your home at any time this spring, contact 24 Hour Pest Control NYC to have our professionals inspect your home and make sure that termites have not settled nearby.

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