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    Birds have beautiful songs they sing in the Spring. Watching birds is a hobby that millions enjoy on a regular basis. When birds move into your home, however, there could be numerous issues that turn these beautiful creatures into dangerous pests.

    Bird control typically involves monitoring for nesting habits and removing nests before they can be established. The average bird, however, is more intelligent than many realize. If you remove a nest from one location, like underneath the eaves, then a second nest may be built in your gutter.

    Here are the hidden dangers to the home that birds may leave.

    • Some birds have mites. If you have birds nesting on the exterior of your home or business, then the small mites that some birds have can get into your home and business. Bird mites are incredibly small, can cause allergic reactions, and be very difficult to remove.

    • They may damage vents. If vents are left unprotected, birds will nest inside of them and potentially damage them or create a mess with their droppings. Some birds have even learned how to remove vent protection.

    • Birds may even attack your exterior. Some birds, such as woodpeckers, may even cause damage to exterior siding, the eaves, or other wooden components of a home.

    The difficulty of bird control is that certain birds are protected by law. Instead of removal, deterrent of this pest may be necessary depending on your unique situation.

    Birds may be beautiful, but they can also be noisy, messy, and smelly. If you’re tired of the noise pollution that birds may cause or you have a nest that is causing a terrible stench, we can help you solve your current issue and create proactive bird control methods that will limit this pest.

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