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Types of Fall Pests in NYC

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Types of Fall Pests in NYC

Cooling temperatures means a change in pest activity around your home. Bugs may try to get inside to find a warm place to spend the winter. Other insects and animals must leave their normal habitats to find food as resources become scarce.

If you have not already taken steps to protect your home from these invasive creatures, you might be at risk for a pest infestation this autumn. As a local pest control company in New York City, these are some of the common pests that we see becoming more active near the end of summer and can help you take early steps to prevent them.

Which Pests Have Increased Activity in Fall
Many of these pests are active year round, but changing temperatures and food resources mean they are more likely to actually come into your home in later months of the year. These pests that are often targeted in fall pest control include:

  • Bees and Wasps – Fall is the end of the season for stinging insects and they will soon die off or hibernate. During these last few months, however, available food dwindles and wasps and bees become more aggressive as they seek out sustenance.
  • Cockroaches – Active all year long, cold weather prompts roaches to seek warmth in your home. American and German cockroaches often prefer to live inside anyway, but fall will bring in Oriental cockroaches as well.
  • Stink Bugs – Stink bugs are harmless but annoying. They move in during the fall and hide away in walls, attics, and light fixtures. When threatened or crushed, they let off a terrible odor.
  • Earwigs – Like stink bugs, earwigs are a garden pest that will move inside as the weather cools off. They are also harmless, but finding a large number of earwigs hibernating in your home will still be a shock.
  • Spiders – Fall is the breeding season for many spider species, including the black widow. During breeding, spiders will be more active as they look for mates and more aggressive if they are protecting eggs.
  • Mice, Rats, and Wildlife – Rodents and other kinds of wildlife will use your home as a warm shelter during cold weather. If trash or improperly stored food is available, it can also attract rodents when other food sources are scarce.

Ongoing pest control gives you protection against these pests and more all year long. We use bi-monthly or quarterly visits to apply treatments around the various places bugs will use to get into your home, such as windows, doors, vents, and cracks. We seal up any problem areas, and we also monitor pest populations and take fast action if bugs are getting out of hand. Call us today to prep your home for fall with regular pest control.

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