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Will Aerial Mosquito Spraying Prevent Mosquitoes at Your NYC Property?

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Will Aerial Mosquito Spraying Prevent Mosquitoes at Your NYC Property?

The Department of Health in New York conducts aerial spraying for mosquitoes throughout the summer when numbers of mosquitoes become particularly extreme or when mosquitoes in the area are discovered to have West Nile virus or another transmissible disease.

With aerial spraying, a trained pilot will fly in a plane or helicopter over the areas to be treated and release a spray cloud of mosquito treatments to get rid of mosquitoes in the area. Performing mosquito control on this scale is extremely helpful in managing mosquito numbers, but it is helpful to know what this means for you as a homeowner and whether or not aerial mosquito spraying in NYC will solve the problems you experience with mosquitoes.

Understanding How Aerial Mosquito Spraying Works

New York City will often conduct multiple aerial mosquito spraying treatments throughout the summer and have already treated several different neighborhoods this year. Aerial treatments are one of the key ways to prevent the spread of mosquito borne illness by reducing the overall number of mosquitoes in the area. This can be beneficial for local homeowners by decreasing the number of mosquitoes that could start breeding in your yard.

Depending on the specific program, here is what you can expect from mosquito spray:

  • Low Concentrations are Used – Mosquito spraying uses an ounce or less of treatment per acre of land, resulting in an extremely low volume of treatment so that there is no effect to people and animals, but this still provides enough treatment for a significant impact on mosquitoes.
  • Aerial Spraying Often Takes Place in the Evening – Many mosquitoes in NYC are active during the evening hours, so this is when adulticides are most effective. This time also has low activity from helpful insects like bees that could be harmed by mosquito treatments.
  • Aerial Spraying Targets Specific Areas – The majority of aerial spraying occurs where mosquitoes are most active and likely to be laying eggs, usually in swampy or marshy areas. These are often not highly populated areas, but by targeting these spaces, treatments can reduce the risk that mosquitoes will travel to nearby properties to bite. Aerial mosquito treatments are a fast way to handle mosquitoes, but will not necessarily protect your family from mosquito bites entirely. Mosquito control that focuses solely on your property will remove mosquito populations that aerial spraying does not.

We customize mosquito treatments from 24 Hour Pest Control to your specific needs and yard for the most effective solutions. Contact us to get help managing mosquitoes on your property.

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