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Get to Know the Pest Bird Species in NYC

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Get to Know the Pest Bird Species in NYC

Out in nature, birds are a sign of life. From birdwatching trips to simply watching them flit about, most people do not consider birds a pest until they begin nesting inside their property or perching on a single area and covering the space below with unsightly droppings.

In NYC, certain species of birds are considered pests because they are more likely to build their nests around businesses or local homes, and are more adapted to finding food around people. These bird species also congregate in large numbers that multiply their impact.

Local Nuisance
Birds Bird problems can vary depending on your area. Even different neighborhoods in the same city may experience different pest species. With some birds migrating seasonally or moving to certain areas for nesting, the risks of  bird infestation can change over the course of the year. Those bird species that are most likely to cause problems include:

  • Pigeons – Pigeons eat the food people leave behind making urban areas an ideal location for these birds. Most cities have huge numbers of pigeons eating out of trash cans and hanging around restaurants. Because most pigeons are now comfortable around humans, they can be quite aggressive.
  • Sparrows – Sparrows have become a pest because they are so well adapted to living around commercial properties and homes. They make their nests out of man-made materials, using holes in walls, roofs, and vents as the basis and supplementing them with flammable materials like newspapers and twigs, putting you at risk for property damage.
  • Starlings – Although they are smaller than other bird species, European starlings collect in flocks of hundreds of birds. These numbers are what makes them such a nuisance, as is their ability to nest in almost any small hole around your property.
  • Gulls – Found near oceans and larger lakes, seagulls are a loud bird pest that will eat almost any leftover food or trash they can find. As one of the larger bird pests and avid scavengers, they also have the potential for aggression towards people and other animals.

The biggest issue with any of these bird species is their preference for nesting around populated areas and inside homes. This creates a mess as the birds leave nests, droppings, and trash behind. The droppings are unsightly and the nests are potential fire hazards. Bird droppings and their nesting materials can also spread bacteria or fungal growth. Avian influenza, or bird flu, is transmitted from bird droppings. In rare cases, ticks, mites, and other parasites can jump from birds to other animals or people on your property.

How to Keep Birds Away from Your Home or Business
Birds nesting or frequently landing on your property can quickly become a hassle. Whether you find yourself always cleaning droppings or dealing with birds nesting in eaves, under solar panels, or under porches, professional bird control from 24 Hour Pest Control can mitigate birds of any of these nuisance species.

We use deterrents and exclusion to prevent birds from landing on your home or business, all customized to your specific pest birds and property requirements. Give us a call to get help with birds in NYC.

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