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Pest Exterminator Specialists in Sunnyside, NY2020-07-01T18:00:18-04:00

Pest Exterminator Specialists in Sunnyside, NY

24 Hour Pest Control is a professional licensed pest control company in NYC that has been serving the New York City area for over 15 years. Our professional staff can help identify and remove pests before the infestation begins to spread. Contact us today if you are in need of fast pest extermination services in Sunnyside, NY.

Pests can ruin a business, bring unwanted disease and damage to your business property. It is best to handle them right away before they begin to spread. The exterminators at 24 Hour Pest Control NYC respond to your commercial pest problems discreetly and efficiently. 24 Hour Pest Control Exterminators handle all types of pests, ranging from small bed bugs to larger pests such as birds and rats. Our staff is trained and certified to handle most pest control requests. Contact us today about commercial properties.

Rodent and mouse control is one of our extermination specialties here at 24 Hour Pest Control NYC. Our NYC exterminators can help not only eliminate mice and other types of rodents from your property, but also helps set up methods to prevent future invasions on your property.

Our exterminators use only solutions that are effective and safe for your family and pets. For more details about our extermination process and to book an appointment contact us today. Our exterminators are experienced with NYC apartments and office buildings, we can help exterminator pests on your commercial or residential property.


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