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How to Prevent Termites in New York

Our NYC exterminators can also help you with your pest control needs in Brooklyn, Queens and all 5 boroughs. 24 Hour Pest Control is a professional licensed pest control company in NYC that has been serving the New York City area for over 15 years.

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Termites are a threat to essentially every property in New York. But certain factors make some properties more likely to experience an infestation than others. Fortunately, you can control many of the elements around your home that attract termites, therefore making your property less susceptible.

A termite colony in NYC starts small and can take more than 5 years or more to reach full maturity with 60,000 insects or more depending on the species. The damage they cause, like their growth, is slow but continuous. This means that by the time damage becomes evident, it can be quite advanced. Stopping termites from ever infesting your home is the best way to avoid costly repairs and treatments in the future.

What Attracts Termites to Your Home
Preventing termites in NYC starts with knowing the characteristics of our local species, which in our case is subterranean termites. Unlike some species found elsewhere, these termites build their nests in moist soil near their food, and then travel back and forth under the protection of mud tubes.

When subterranean termites swarm, usually between April and June in New York, the swarmers will search for wet soil in close proximity to a structure containing wood. Both healthy wood and rotting wood are suitable food for these bugs, and homes without wood siding may still be at risk since termites will chew through other materials to reach the interior wood struts, beams, flooring, and more present in nearly every home.

Steps You Can Take to Keep Termites Out
Since subterranean termites are drawn to damp soil, limiting sources of moisture in the ground around your home and underneath it will reduce the chances that swarming termites are drawn to your property. Limiting excess food sources and staying vigilant of any potential termite activity can also help you deter termites from causing significant damage.

The leading ways to limit food and water sources include:

  • Check for Leaks – Leaking pipes can drip water into the ground around your home, saturating it over time and creating an ideal living space for termites.
  • Angle Gutters Correctly – Rain gutters should direct the flow of water away from the property’s foundation to avoid wet soil.
  • Keep Sprinklers Targeted – If you have an installed sprinkler or drip system, be sure water is not landing on the side of your home and avoid using more water than can be quickly absorbed or evaporated.
  • Get Rid of Wood – Dead trees, rotting wooden sheds or barns, and old wood around your yard gives termites more to feed on. Dispose of any unneeded trees or buildings and if you store firewood, keep it far away from the side of your home.
  • Repair Cracks – Holes in your homes foundation or siding provides termites with an easy path to the wood beyond it. Regularly check for damage to the exterior of your home, especially near the ground level, and repair it.

A professional termite control company like 24 Hour Pest Control NYC can work with you as well to provide termite prevention with specialized treatments, knowledgeable habitat management, and inspections for early control of termites if they do establish a colony at your home. Get the most effective termite prevention at your home by calling us today.

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