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How to Find Bed Bugs On Your Own

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Bed bugs are back. We’ve had some relief over the past year in NYC since there’s been less traveling due to COVID, but now that life is getting back to normal, we’re at a place where one can expect bed bug activity to increase again, and possibly dramatically.

It’s important to stay alert to protect yourself from a bed bug invasion. The earlier you suspect, catch, and/or treat bedbugs, the easier the treatment is, the less costly, and the more likely it is to be successful. The longer the bed bugs have a chance to thrive, the larger the infestation grows.

Spotting Bed Bugs in NYC
Most people only notice bed bugs because of their bites. Bed bugs are spectacular hiders, capable of fitting into even the smallest of cracks that are practically invisible to the naked eye. That means that you may notice unexplained bites long before you notice any actual signs of bed bugs. But if you know where to look, sometimes you can spot signs of bed bugs on your property early and on your own, without any advanced equipment or experience needed.

To find bed bugs, it is recommended that you look for the following:

  • Unexplained “Dirt” Around Your Mattress – Bed bugs leave behind all different kinds of dirt. Accidentally crushed bed bugs leave reddish stains, and dark circles around the bed, pillow, or mattress are often signs of droppings that have bled into the fabric.
  • Markings Near Baseboards, Closets – Bed bugs do not only live on mattresses and beds. They will live anywhere they can hide safely, including around baseboards that haven’t been caulked, in closets, and more. You may not always see crushed bed bugs or droppings, but if you notice unexplained dirt or markings near baseboards, that may be where bed bugs are living. You can also check closets, couches, chairs, and other areas if you don’t notice any near your bed.
  • Finding Eggs and Eggshells – It helps to have a light and magnifying glass, since the eggs and eggshells of bed bugs are typically whitish-yellow and the size of a pinhead, but you can also search around these same locations to find signs of eggs. Eggs and eggshells are left behind even if the bed bugs themselves have moved on, or may be present in areas of dirt that you already found.

It can be difficult to find bed bugs, since they hide during the day, sense danger, and hide in spaces so thin that there may not even be a way to get a light inside. It’s why our experts at 24 Hour Pest Control NYC in NYC are here to provide thorough inspections to get you the help you need. But it’s still a good idea to pay attention, as if you can spot the bed bug infestations early, you can avoid a lot of discomfort and possibly a more difficult treatment environment. Give us a call today if you suspect bed bugs, and our team will be there fast to provide a thorough treatment.

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