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Traveling Again? Here’s What You Need to Know About Bed Bugs

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Traveling Again? Here’s What You Need to Know About Bed Bugs

After more than a year in lock down during the coronavirus pandemic, travel restrictions are finally lifting. Airlines, hotels, beaches, and tourist attractions are filling up as we once again get to visit loved ones and enjoy new experiences.

But more travel also means a greater risk of picking up bed bugs and bringing them back to your home. Be aware of these prevention tips for bed bugs so you can avoid starting an infestation in your own home.

Hot to Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Home
Bed bugs get to new properties by hitchhiking. They might ride on luggage, furniture, clothing, or boxes. As people travel, bugs can ride from an infested property to a new one, where they will start a new bed bug infestation.

This makes hotels and tourist destinations hot spots for bed bugs because so many people visit from different places, increasing the risk of a traveler causing an infestation at a tourist destination. Since bed bugs can often stay hidden for several weeks even in the cleanest properties, it is best to take precautions whenever you travel:

  • Inspect Hotel Rooms – When you first arrive, go over your hotel room for any bed bugs or their signs. The bugs will most often hide on sheets, mattresses, box springs, headboards, and in furniture. Other signs may include discarded bug skins or brown spots on sheets and surfaces.
  • Elevate Your Luggage – After you have inspected the luggage rack, that is the right place to put your luggage. It is also helpful to keep your suitcases away from walls, beds, or furniture. This makes it more difficult for bed bugs to crawl inside.
  • Check Your Suitcase for Bed Bugs – Inspect any other suitcases or belongings you took on your trip before putting them back into storage. Many people will do this in their garage to avoid bringing any bugs inside.
  • Launder Luggage at Home – Unpack your suitcases and immediately wash all clothing items whether or not you wore them. This will remove any bed bugs that are clinging to your clothing so you do not infest your entire closet.

Bed bugs are talented when it comes to hiding so even the most advanced precautions may not prevent an infestation entirely. If you notice bites or any of the other signs of bed bugs after returning from a vacation, bed bug control can help you determine if there is a problem and deal with it quickly.

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