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How to Exterminate Roaches in NYC

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How to Exterminate Roaches in NYC

If you have noticed small droppings that look like coffee grounds scattered around your home, or have you been dealing with indoor allergies and a musty odor that will not go away, cockroaches may be to blame, and an infestation of them could be growing and spreading disease on your property.

Cockroaches have a reputation for being difficult to exterminate. Their numbers grow quickly, they are good hiders, and they can find food almost anywhere. But with the right tools and techniques, it may be possible to get rid of roaches at your home.

DIY Cockroach Extermination Methods

You will want to move quickly if you notice signs of cockroaches at your property since every moment these roaches are around means more buildup of dangerous germs and bacteria. If you want to try to exterminate cockroaches yourself, you will need to:

  • Start by Cleaning Your Home – Any crumbs, bit of food residue, and dishes in the sink provide food for roaches. Boxes and clutter on the floor offer hiding spaces. A thorough cleaning can help make your home less attractive to roaches and can start to require them to move elsewhere.
  • Set Baits and Traps – Store-bought solutions can include chemical baits that roaches can take back to their nests where it will poison them. Sticky traps use bait to attract roaches and then trap them in the glue until they die.
  • Spray Liquid Treatments – You can purchase a variety of commercial cockroach sprays to apply to crevices and other areas where roaches are active. This works more quickly than other methods since you can take an active role in exterminating roaches, but many infestations have built up a resistance to most common store-bought treatments.
  • Use Natural Methods – Baking soda and boric acid are deadly for cockroaches. To make a natural bait, mix either with sugar and set it near the area where roaches are active. As roaches eat the sugar, they will also consume the boric acid or baking soda and you will start to find dead roaches.

While these methods can help limit the number of cockroaches around your home, and cleaning is an effective way to prevent roaches in the long term, DIY roach control is often not enough to completely get rid of an infestation. Larger infestations will breed quickly and can be widespread, causing the number of roaches to grow faster than baits and traps will kill them.

In addition, if you don’t seal the holes that allowed roaches to enter in the first place, more cockroaches are likely to come back.

Professional Roach Extermination in New York

The risks of cockroaches in your home are extensive, and calling a licensed NYC pest control company is the best way to get rid of them as quickly as you can. Many homeowners who try DIY roach control will often call a pest control company after the time and money spent on other methods proves ineffective.

24 Hour Pest Control has the experience and professional methods to provide fast-acting roach control. We can get to the source of the problem and work quickly to eradicate it, leaving your home free from roaches and their harmful bacteria. Contact us anytime for the area’s leading roach control.

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