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Signs of an Underground Wasp Nest in Your Yard

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Signs of an Underground Wasp Nest in Your Yard

Trees and rooflines are common habitats for many stinging insects, but several wasp species in NYC actually prefer to build their nests below ground. Yellowjackets and paper wasps are two of the most common. These insects may dig into loose soil or use natural holes around pavement, foundations, and other low lying areas.

Because of the potential stinging insects to cause injury, being aware of the signs of an underground wasp nest can help you keep your family safe during summer. These signs can also help you identify a nest early in order to get pest control if necessary.

How to Identify an In Ground Wasp Nest

Wasps and hornets are active starting in the late spring until early fall. Any nests you locate during these months could potentially have wasps living inside them and should be treated with care. Most wasps will construct their nests in quiet places in your yard where they are unlikely to be disturbed by predators. If a nest is present, signs can include:

  • Wasps disappearing into or hovering around a small hole.
  • Holes in the soil that look like a home for a rabbit or rodent.
  • Piles of dirt around holes in the shape of a cone.
  • Extensive wasp presence around your property with no other signs of nests.

Without the presence of a wasp near the hole, it is difficult to determine whether or not a wasp nest is present, because many wasps construct their homes in holes that already existed. The hole could house a different animal, a different pest, a wasp, or nothing at all. Since all animals can carry their own risks, it
is always a good idea to avoid any unexplained holes in the ground, regardless of whether they are wasp nests.

If you have noticed a wasp’s nest underground, it is best to give it space. A sting from a hornet or wasp is a significant concern for individuals with allergies, and will be a painful experience for everyone else. For this reason, it is best to leave an underground hornets nest alone if you find it, and warn others in your family to stay away. For nests that are close to your home or busy areas, hire a professional wasp control company to safely remove stinging insects.

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