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Types of Cockroaches that live in NYC

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types of roaches in new york

There are hundreds of different cockroach species, and several live in New York and New Jersey. For infestations in your home, apartment, or business, there are three main species that make up the majority of these pests – American, German, and Oriental cockroaches.

No roach is welcome in your home, but understanding the different appearances and habits of local species is essential to your efforts to prevent and get rid of cockroaches. Learn more about all of the common roach types and what to expect if you have an infestation.

Types of Roaches in New York
In terms of a roach’s most basic appearance, all three roach species appear similar. They have oval shaped bodies, 6 legs, and antennae that are the same length as their bodies. The size, coloring, and presence of wings will differ between roaches, however, as will their behaviors. These differences include:

  • American Cockroach – American roaches are between 1 to 2 inches long with a reddish-brown body. They can use their wings to fly short distances if necessary. They prefer outdoor habitats over indoor ones, but will move inside for food and water.
  • German Cockroach – These are the smallest of the roaches in New York at ½ an inch and they have a light brown color. They have wings but do not fly. Because of their preference for home environments and faster breeding than other species, they make up most of the local infestations.
  • Oriental Cockroach – These roaches are about 1 inch long and dark brown or black. They are the least likely of the three to invade your home, have the shortest lifespan at 6 months, and do not fly. Their food preference is for decomposing organic matter.

All cockroaches prefer humid environments where ambient moisture can consistently supply them with water, and rooms in your home, such as the kitchen or bathroom, where water is common are more attractive to roaches. They may also enjoy crawl spaces and basements, where they can find cool air and moisture.

Roaches can live up to a month without food, and move rapidly when it needs to run and hide. Cockroaches breed quickly too, so extermination methods need to work efficiently, or the roaches will be breeding faster than you can exterminate them.

At 24 Hour Pest Control NYC, we can determine which pest is an unwelcome guest in your home, locate their hiding places, and deploy treatment that will quickly remove roaches. No matter what kind of cockroach you see in your home, call us to start the extermination process.

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