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Why You are Seeing More Spiders This Fall

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Why You are Seeing More Spiders This Fall
Spiders are one of those pests that you can find in your home year around. But many residents of NYC notice that there are seemingly more spiders in their homes in the fall months. In many cases, this is not a mirage. It also may not be a problem.

There often are more spiders in October and November, and many times, these spiders may go away on their own. Here is the reason behind this increase in arachnid activity and how to tell if you need to contact a pest control company.

What Makes Spider Problems More Common in the Fall There are several types of pest infestations which become more likely in the fall. This can be because bugs are trying to escape the cooler temperatures outdoors, food has become scarce in their natural habitats, or pests need a warm and safe space to overwinter. But the reason increase in spiders is because:

  • They Are Following Other Pests – Spiders eat other bugs like flies, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. Because these pests are coming into homes in the fall, spiders following their food source may get into your home as well. They will also stay as long as they have bugs to eat, potentially leading to a significant spider infestation.
  • Fall is Mating Season – During the fall, male spiders actively go in search of females. Because spiders are moving around a lot more than average to seek out mates, you are more likely to see one crawling across walls or floors in your home. The male spiders will eventually die off after they mate and pest activity should go back to normal.
  • Baby Spiders – Shortly after meeting, the females will lay their eggs, over 200, leading to an increase in the spider population. Although you may be seeing more spiders, this also is not generally a problem. They will disperse to find sources of food outside of your home. Spiders are also territorial and they will likely kill each other off.

With the increased spider activity in the fall, homeowners may wonder how to distinguish normal activity from an infestation. The fact is that a spider infestation never occurs alone. If you do not have bugs in your house for spiders to eat, they will go elsewhere. The best way to tell whether or not you have an infestation is to look for evidence of other pests.

If you notice this type of pest activity, 24 Hour Pest Control can confirm if there is a problem with spiders and other pests, and implement the correct treatment options to leave your home pest free. Reach out today to get an estimate.

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