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    Dust Mites Removal in NYC

    What Are Dust Mites?
    Dust mites are tiny insects unseen to the naked human eye. Dust mites thrive in humid and warm areas such as indoors and could be a cause of some allergies. Dust mites survive off dead skin flakes from humans, animals, also they do not need to drink water. Dust mites absorb the water from the humidity in the air, that is why indoor dust mites are such a problem to deal with. Dust mites could live in any home or business in NYC or any other part of the world. Dust mites are tiny creatures so they can easily stay hidden and reproduce. Take care of the dust mites before it’s too late, call 24-hour pest control today to get a free quote on dust-mite removal in NYC. If you have severe allergies to dust, do not try cleaning the dust mites yourself as it can increase your allergic reaction.

    According to dust mites have been known to cause these allergic reactions :

    • Sneezing
    • Runny nose
    • Itchy, red or watery eyes
    • Stuffy nose
    • Itchy nose, mouth or throat
    • Itchy skin
    • Postnasal drip (a flow of mucus from behind your nose into your throat)
    • Cough

    Where Do Dust Mites Hide?

    Dust mites like to hide and breed in high foot traffic areas such as carpets, furniture, drapes, stuffed toys, and more. Dust mites like to hide deep in the fabric where the human eye cannot see them. But, our bodies can help us indicate if there are dust mites around, if you are developing allergies off-season you might have a dust mite problem in your home. It is best to get a professional dust mite inspection done if you continue to experience allergies all year round.

    Common areas like the living room dust mites can be found on :

    • Lamp Shades
    • Comforters
    • Throw Pillows / Couch Pillows
    • Curtains and Window Blinds
    • Stuffed Animals with fabric fur
    • Throw Blankets
    • Upholstered Furniture
    • and more

    Dust mites being a common pest in the house, it is hard to see and get rid of them without professional help. 24-hour pest control can help with dust-mite removal in NYC.

    Steps to Take To Avoid Dust Mites in Your Home

    • Allergen-proof Bedding
      Dust mites are known to live in your bed because they feed on your dead skin and the humidity from your body provides the perfect habitat for dust mites. However, dust mites do not bite humans but can cause humans to develop allergies over time if dust mites are not taken care of.
    • Washable Stuff Toys
      Dust mites live in stuffed animals because of the fabric it is made off. It helps them hide and bread in tiny warm spaces. It is best to wash your stuffed animals at least once a week to keep them dust mite-free. It is possible that your child can develop allergies over time if being exposed to dust mites all year round.
    • Vacuum Regularly
      Regular vacuuming weekly can help prevent the spread of new dust mites in your home. Vacuuming the floor and carpets can help remove dust that might contain dust mites. However, only certified high-efficiency particulate air filter vacuums will help your get rid of dust mites. If you need help getting rid of dust mites in your home contact 24-hour pest control today, serving all 5 boroughs in NYC for all your dust-mite removal needs.

    Bird Mite Removal in NYC

    What Are Bird Mites?
    Bird mites are very small and hard to see. Bird mites appear as small specks of dust to the naked human eye, but with the help of a magnifying glass, you are able to identify if you have bird mites in your home. If you are using a magnifying glass to identify a bird mite look for a transparent-looking white color center body, with a burgundy brown (if it has eaten recently) or yellowish tint around the body with white transparent color legs. It is best to catch it if possible using a clear side tape to pick up the dust bite off a surface and hand it over to a professional to verify if you do indeed have bird mites in your home. 24-hour pest control NYC can help you get rid of bird mites in your home, call us today for a thorough house inspection.

    Bird mites tend to breed in the areas where birds would nest such as your chimney, gutters, backyard, roofs, and other areas around your home. Bird mites primarily feed on bird blood but can wander into the home in search of human blood if they need to. The good news is they cannot survive long indoors because of the dry environment inside your homes. The bad news is they can still bite humans and cause itchy spots on the skin, you can use sticky tape on the itchy spot to remove any bird mites.

    While bird mite bites can be harmless some people might have a severe reaction to the bite. It can cause :

    • Skin pain like it has just been bitten
    • Redness around the itchy area on the skin
    • Hot/warm skin
    • Discharge if not treated properly

    Where Can You Find Bird Mites?

    Because bird mites primarily feed on bird’s blood. It will only invade your home if the food supply has left or died. Bird mites will look for the next food source which in this case is us, humans. If you begin to feel itchy in certain spots and continuously in that area, using a sticky transparent tape on that spot and see if anything gets picked up on it. This is a good way to verify if the itchiness is being caused by mites.

    People who work around birds are in danger of the bird mites hitching a ride on your clothes and body.

    • Zoo employees
    • Pet Store employees
    • Poultry farmers
    • Bird caretakers
    • Bird specialists
    • Even bird pet owners
    • Homeowners
      Sometimes birds will build nests in between cracked walls in the attic or chimney and the bird mites can spread further from that area and begin to look for new food sources inside your home.

    Bird mites can also reside in these areas when it is breeding season for the birds :

    • Chimneys
    • Eaves
    • Roof spaces
    • Small cracks or cavities in walls
    • Window ledges

    How To Get Rid Of Bird Mites in Your Home

    The first thing to do when looking for bird mite infestation in your home is to check if you have any birds nesting on your property. You will have to check chimneys, roof spaces, attics, gutters, window ledges, and any other open spaces. To get a full house inspection for birds and birds mites call 24-hour pest control NYC today. We can help you get rid of birds on your property in NYC and thus possibly prevent bird mites from entering your home in search of food.

    Using insecticide such as bifenthrin along the outside of your home can help prevent bird mites from entering your home. But there is always a downside to using insecticide as it has long-lasting impacts and may harm local pollinator insects. The insecticide should be used as a last resort to fight the bird mite infestation. To get bird mites professionals removed from your home in NYC call 24-hour pest control, call today, and get a free bird mite removal quote for your property.

    Give us a call today to make an appointment with 24/7 Pest Control NYC.

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