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Quick and Easy Roach Prevention Tips

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Quick and Easy Roach Prevention Tips

Once roaches get inside your home or business, getting rid of them is a challenge. They multiply fast, stay well hidden most of the time, and are able to build up a resistance to some of the more common OTC cockroach treatments.

To avoid having your property overrun by insects, the best roach control begins before the bugs get inside. Taking preventative measures now can make your property less attractive to roaches, and reduce the chances of an infestation. Many of the tips that will prevent roaches are easy to complete, and have the added benefit of being effective in keeping out other pests as well.

How to Keep Roaches Out of Your Home with Minimal Effort

There is no single step you can take to keep roaches out for good. They are simply too aggressive and talented when it comes to finding food. Professional, ongoing pest control is the only way to ensure that roaches are unable to find their way inside and reproduce.

However, roach prevention is possible with a bit of ongoing maintenance. These are a few of the simplest steps you can take to remove factors that attract roaches:

  • Clean Your Kitchen Regularly – Your counters and floors can contain enough food residue and grease to sustain roaches. Try to sweep and wipe down counters each night, and never leave dirty dishes or food sitting out overnight.
  • Store Food in the Right Containers – Open food in your panty is a feast for cockroaches. Transfer open boxes and bags of food to airtight containers or use your fridge to keep food away from roaches.
  • Take Trash Out – Empty your trash regularly, even if it means taking it out before it is completely full if it has lots of food scraps. Using trash cans with lids can help as well.
  • Eat in Only One Room – Eating will almost always leave a few minuscule crumbs behind. By eating only in your kitchen and dining room, you can focus your cleaning efforts on a smaller space and keep roaches out of living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Wipe Up Standing Water – Roaches need moisture to survive, so wipe up any spilled water as soon as possible and avoid leaving any full sinks of water for an extended period of time.
  • Pick Up Pet Dishes – Pet food and a water bowl is perfect for roaches. Secure these items overnight and wash out food bowls between feedings to remove residue.
  • Remove Clutter – Clothing, boxes, and other clutter on the floor provide shelter for roaches. You will want to pick these items up regularly, and preferably vacuum as well.

Another effective way to keep cockroaches out is to seal up the places where they can get inside. This step often entails more work than the ones above, but gives you an additional layer of prevention. Cleaning requires ongoing work, and a single missed bit of food can be enough to attract hungry cockroaches. Closing off cracks, gaps, and holes with screens and caulking provides long lasting protection even if your cleaning regime slips.

If roaches have already gotten inside of your property, or you’d like to a pest professional to come and examine for openings, you will need a professional cockroach control company in NYC to get them out.

24 Hour Pest Control NYC uses comprehensive roach treatments to exterminate this resilient pest. Our expert pest professionals can also inspect your home during the treatment process to identify any risk spots and additional quick actions you can take to prevent roaches from coming back. Contact us to get started.

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