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Tips for Keeping Rodents Out of Your Business

Our NYC exterminators can also help you with your pest control needs in NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Long Island City. 24 Hour Pest Control is a professional licensed pest control company in NYC that has been serving the New York City area for over 15 years.

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Tips for Keeping Rodents Out of Your Business

Both mice and rats can spread disease and cause property damage. While many people worry about rodents in residential properties, they are equally – and sometimes even more so – a risk at commercial properties.

At your business, rodents risk your reputation and your finances as they can be a source of disgust, disease, and property damage. Rodents in your commercial property need to be removed quickly, and those services are often an unexpected expense for your business.

Instead of retroactive rodent control, a few changes around your business will make your property less attractive to mice and rats. Other changes can keep them from getting in at all, making it less likely you will have to deal with a stressful rodent infestation.

How to Prevent Mice and Rats on a Commercial Property 

Mice and rats use tiny holes to gain access to a property, squeezing through spaces that are as small as ¼” inch wide. Although they prefer nuts and fruits, a hungry rodent will eat almost anything. This makes it important to remove food sources that might tempt rodents to come into your business and prevent their access by:

  • Storing Food Properly – All food should be stored in airtight containers that rodents cannot chew through.
  • Cleaning Regularly – A rodent’s keen nose can find crumbs that are invisible to us. Wipe down surfaces, wash dishes, empty trash cans, and sweep frequently to be sure that no food is left around.
  • Sealing Trash Cans – Especially where trash remains overnight, make sure cans are covered to prevent rodents from getting into them. Make sure you’re not overstuffing dumpsters outdoors as well, as these may attract rodents to your property, ultimately leading them inside.
  • Eliminating Excess Moisture – Leaks, dripping faucets, and poor ventilation can provide a water source for rodents. Fixing any plumbing problems will help make your property less attractive to rodents and other pests.
  • Inspecting Deliveries – Rodents may occasionally hitchhike into your business in boxes and containers that contain food. Check deliveries for signs of pests before storing them.
  • Sealing Holes – Most importantly, you want to eliminate the holes that mice and rats can use to get inside. These can be cracks in siding, foundations, roofs, vents, and around windows and doors.

Restaurants and other food service businesses may be the properties rats and mice most typically infest, but they are far from the only ones. Any property where there is food – including that brought in by employees – could be enough to sustain rodents, making rodent prevention important no matter where you are.

Some businesses are in particularly high risk areas. At others, the entry points may be so small and hidden that you haven’t been able to find them yet. This is where a professional rodent company can help. 24 Hour Pest Control provides commercial rodent exclusion in NYC for all types of businesses. We can track down how rats and mice are getting in and patch up any holes to stop the problem. Call us today to get started.

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