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Web Building Spiders vs Crawling Spiders: How We Treat Each Kind

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Web Building Spiders vs Crawling Spiders: How We Treat Each Kind

An intricate spider web stretched across your window can be a thing of beauty or terror depending on your feelings about spiders. But did you know that the majority of spider species in NYC do not build webs? They still produce spider silk and may use it to capture their prey, but not with a web.

The different habitat and hunting methods of web-building spiders and crawling spiders require a unique approach for each. At 24 Hour Pest Control, we use up-to-date spider control methods and treatments that can help keep any type of spider under control at your property.

Understanding the Different Spider Types
Web building spiders such as the American house spider, funnel-web spider, or nursery web spider weave together strands of their silk to create their complex webs. The spiders will construct their web and then spend the day hiding in a crevice nearby, waiting for an insect to get caught.

Crawling spiders take a more active role in finding their prey, often chasing them down. They may still use their silk to wrap up their prey or make a shelter. Some of NYC’s crawling spider species include:

  • Wolf Spiders
  • Jumping Spiders
  • Yellow Sac Spiders

Neither type of spider is welcome in your home, but the right pest control methods can help you get rid of spiders faster.

When it comes to treatment, the webs that spiders build is a significant clue. Our team first examines to see where spiders have built their webs since we know the actual spiders are living nearby. We then treat these areas, making the application fast and effective. We finish by taking down the webs to maintain your home’s exterior appearance.

Crawling spiders need a different approach. Since we do not have webs to guide us, we instead look for entry points and food sources. A perimeter treatment around any potential entry points keeps spiders from coming inside while treating for other pests makes your home less attractive for hunting spiders.

An infestation of spiders is never pleasant. Having a team that knows the best way to get rid of spiders and can tailor our treatments to your needs makes 24 Hour Pest Control the leading spider control company in NYC. Contact us today to get help with any type of spider.

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