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Preventing Pest Invasions After a Storm

Summer and fall storms in New York can be a headache for your home. Water leaks, flooding, fallen trees, debris in your yard, and structural damage can require costly repairs. Another source of damage you might not expect after a storm is a pest infestation.

Destruction to your property creates openings that pests like bugs and rodents can use to get inside. Moisture attracts bugs as well, so flooding, rain, and even indoor humidity can increase your chances for mosquitoes, flies, termites, roaches, and centipedes if you do not take a few extra steps to prevent them after a storm.

How to Secure Your Home Against Pests During Storms
Storm damage can be expensive to repair, but so can the extermination of a huge pest invasion. Preventative and repair efforts during stormy seasons can save you hassle and money.

If a storm is approaching in the next few days, conducting a pre-inspection of the exterior of your home will help you determine if there are any weak spots that might be impacted by rain or wind. Fixing these will help prevent both storm damage to your property and any subsequent pest problems.

After a storm, you will want to take these steps:

  • Repair Any Holes – High winds can damage roofs and siding, leaving gaps for bugs. You should check around your home and at the roofline for any areas that need to be covered or repaired.
  • Remove Standing Water – Standing water provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Once the rain has stopped, empty any containers, bird baths, clogged cutters, and other items that are holding water.
  • Clear Debris – Storms can wash leaves, twigs, silt, and trash into your yard that then provides a resting place for bugs. Raking all this debris away keeps bugs out of your yard and that much further away from your home.

Sometimes even your best efforts will not keep bugs out entirely, or they may have come inside before you were able to repair the damage. Changing weather patterns often makes pests more aggressive as wind and rain flood their existing homes and food sources, forcing them to move inside for shelter.

Professional pest control is an additional line of defense against bug and rodent infestations that occur after storms. With quarterly or bi-monthly pest control from 24 hour Pest Control NYC, we lay down barrier pest treatments around your home that have long lasting, weather resistant formulas to protect your home throughout the season.

We can also respond with advanced extermination techniques to get rid of bugs inside your home. Let us protect your home during storm season or any time of the year by contacting us today.

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